Wellness Programs : Building a Health Promotion Program.

There is no single right way to approach wellness programs but winning wellness programs share common success factors. These include commitment from management, employee involvement, adequate resources, and a health policy that goes hand in hand with the corporation’s mission, vision and values. Health Promotion Program –  A Range of Approaches Despite the fact that [...]

Wellness Programs : Motivational Wellness Events.

These are fun and easy events that can be done within your company to motivate healthful behaviors during a contest or during other times.  The goal is to encourage worker participation. Some examples –   • Develop a sub-committee of enthusiastic workforce who’ll help promote the fitness program by offering ideas, suggestions and encouragement to [...]

Wellness Programs : Health Promotion Emails.

These are short informational “Health Tips” in an e-mail format on many different health-related topics. You can appoint someone within your company to find specific topics on the Internet from sites that are in the public domain or topics could be purchased from companies. Some certified sources include – • Hope Health • Sound Ideas, [...]

Wellness Programs : Health Promotion Program Ideas.

Conducting an Staff Member Fitness Challenge at your worksite is a fun and arousing way to elevate awareness among personnel about the importance of beginning and sustaining an exercise program. It’s a concentrated effort in which to engage them in exercise for a specific time that, hopefully, will help them begin a healthful habit that [...]

Wellness Programs : Are Wellness Programs Cost-Effective?

Studies have repeatedly demonstrated that comprehensive health promotion programs, or Wellness Programs, can lower health care and insurance costs, lower rates of absenteeism, and improve performance and productivity. Other benefits demonstrated in studies include improved ability to attract and retain key personnel, greater worker allegiance, and improved public image of the company. Health Care and [...]

Wellness Programs : Health Promotion Programs on a Budget.

Free Health Promotion Programs and Affordable Health Management Alternatives Begin a free health promotion program or run a successful health promotion program in the office for little or no cost to your company.  The benefits of employee health promotion at work are many. The articles on wellness program have generated a variety of questions, primarily [...]

Wellness Programs : Wellness Programs.

Small organization health promotion programs are catching on. A well-designed health promotion program can increase productivity, boost morale and vitality, reduce stress, decrease absenteeism, and control avoidable health care costs within an organization. The beauty of it’s that you are simply assisting employees to make smart choices so the costs of implementing a wellness program [...]

Wellness Programs : Employee Wellness.

Begin a Health Promotion Program for Your Employees Today The benefits to beginning a wellness program are many. A few employee health promotion tips to get personnel started on the path to a healthier lifestyle – 1. Look around, and determine when employees lead a healthful lifestyle before beginning an employee health promotion program. • [...]